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20,000,000 kids got to play with Lucky. There are very strict laws around advertising to children in the US, especially around breakfast foods. Our challenge was create an online destination that did not break any rules, was true to the brand, and allowed us to engage with younger consumers in a way that we were unable to do in traditional advertising. When we started the design process, I remember reviewing layouts and I saw a very nice website but said to the team, “What if it could unfold like a map to Lucky’s realm?” which completely changed the direction of the project. Instead of “sections” now we had “realms”.


On the map we featured different worlds that aligned to the product SKU’s and aligned new branded content with product updates, launches and television creative. One of the most innovative and engaging pieces of content was “Lucky’s Magic Movie Maker”. Kids were able to select from a variety of Lucky’s film clips, to make their own little films, save and share with each other. The site and content was awarded a Gold CMA and went on to entertain more that 25,000,000 kids over 18,000,000 in the first 2 years alone. 

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