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Unconventional. Stylish. Original. Very, very Swedish. Working on the “other” Swedish car brand gave me some deep insight into the Scandinavian philosophy in not only design, but also attitude and style. The Swedes are a clever bunch, and they take such an intelligent, thorough approach to design - their autos are a perfect example. For Saab, we knew, like for Volvo, their audience are leaders.


Buyers tended to be educated, serious about performance and safety, but looking for a style that unique and unusual. Not run of mill. That notion that Saab drivers wanted to discover, to explore and come their own conclusions in a non-conventional way. I knew the Saab sites had to be as clever as they were beautiful. Unexpected.


For the Saab 95, their top of the line sedan, we took viewers on a journey - which was different each time they ventured in. We buried car features throughout and wove an esoteric, occasionally surreal story that our Saab clients loved, and for our North American audience, something very, very different from what other premium car companies were doing. I still love to look at the stills and videos we took, and still haven’t seen quite as unique a premium car site again. 

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