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Volvo was looking to capture the hearts and minds of true leaders. The kind of customer they wanted were people who were discerning, educated, progressive. We sought to reach the “creative class” of designers, engineers, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and involve them directly in our “lab” dialogue. I was in Gothenburg, Sweden at Volvo Head Office, working as Interactive Creative Director at MVBMS FUEL Europe, in Amsterdam, and while leaving a meeting I saw a concept car, rotating on a pedestal, in the main lobby.


This to me was the embodiment of Volvo – incredible design and absolutely beautiful. I called our Global Creative Director in New York and said, “I’ve found it – the icon for what Volvo is. It’s so cool – we can totally own the ‘design world’ with this car and the thinking behind it.” In Concept Lab Volvo and its' interactive design team online forums, events and TV, we showcased Volvo as a “design thinking” leader.


We even got Volvo to use a concept car – something they’d never ever considered – on TV and to be the official icon of “Volvo Design Thinking”. At the Frankfurt Auto Show, we took over the hottest club as “Volvo Concept Club” – and yes, the audience we attracted was in fact smart, cultured, design-literate and perfect for our brand. 

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