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In a highly competitive landscape, we changed the conversation from motors to lifestyle. CFMOTO is a Chinese off-road vehicle and motorcycle manufacturer. WIND ZONE is the consumer, retail and dealer halo brand CFMOTO off-road vehicles are marketed and sold under within in Canada. WIND ZONE as a brand highlights the emotional, lifestyle and personal benefits of off-road riding and CFMOTO vehicles.


Working directly with the CEO and senior management team, I designed the brand, graphic identity and developed the national advertising & marketing strategy and currently oversee creative as lead designer and Creative Director, including social media, paid digital, TV, print & events. WIND ZONE branding expands CFMOTO marketing beyond vehicles-only, broadening our marketing reach into the territories of lifestyle experiences, ride programs and support, unique selling propositions and WIND ZONE retail environments, including lifestyle accessories and WIND ZONE Membership. WIND ZONE is both Consumer and Dealer facing.

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